معمل التشريح

	معمل التشريح


Anatomage system

Complete whole dissection plastinated cadaver

Table with marble or stainless steel tops

(203cm ,76 cm, 91 cm)

Table stainless steel tops manual half stander size

Mortuary cooler with arrangement to keep at least 8 bodies or suitable alternative arrangement.

Storage tank to hold 10 cadavers, made of concrete with copper lid

Gurney for cadaver

Stools, preferably metal (easy to move and clean)

Drill machine

Hand saw

Band saw for sectioning body and limbs

Brain knife

Plastic tanks for storing soft and dissected parts.

Trolley Table (Steel, Light).

Projectors including overhead projectors

PC connected to internet ( side room) independent study

X-ray Viewing lobby.

Charts, Diagrams, , Slides etc

Models ( digestive system, heart B.V, chest

,abdomen, brain ,urogenital and reproductive systems(male female ) , etc

2 models for each types


  • Life-size Skeleton
  • Skeleton with muscles and ligaments
  • skeleton with nerve and blood vessels

Skull models with 8 parts of brain and cervical spine

Joints and ligaments

Shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, foot, hand

Lumbar set

Different sizes

Upper limbs and lower limbs

5 per type with deferent sizes

Male and female pelvic muscles and organs

2 per type

Male and female torso 15 parts

1 per sex

85 cm Unisex torso 40 parts

Models :

  • Ear models
  • eye models
  • human teeth
  • nasal models
  • heart and kidney models
  • liver, pancreas and duodenum models
  • human muscle model

Dissecting instruments

Meat cutting machine for thin body sections (trans and vertical) for gross anatomy sectional study

Anatomy Museum contain the following items

  • Skeletons articulated
  • Skeleton disarticulated
  • Specimen jars
  • Racks steel
  • Embalming machines for cadavers

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